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Kristy Nicolle dreams big – I’ll give her that! She claims to be building a Fantasy Infiniverse where characters, plots, prequels, novellas, and sequels have multi-layered, interwoven storylines – where style, mood, and settings have a Rubik’s Cube of combination possibilities and each diverse character is waiting to tell their story, where dreams become reality, limited only by imagination, where #FantasyFans voices are heard, and the author never writes endings. So, I just finished the first book, in the first trilogy, from the first saga, The Kiss That Killed Me… Thoughts: I’m picking up what Nicolle’s throwing down; I’m buying everything she’s selling; I’m trying to find the perfect spot for an Infiniverse tattoo; Nicolle has been added to the Author’s I Stalk list; I want to be a mermaid. Conclusion: Kristy Nicolle delivers the goods in neatly wrapped, well-written, addiction-laden packages. Sold!

Orion – Delicious. Callie – Lucky AF. Orion and Callie’s story – full of twisty, deep, ocean rivers! Psirens are the OG baddies of the deep and the reader is hypnotized by the author’s complex current weaving of the age-old battle betwixt good and evil – where good mer are far from perfect and dark psirens bleed grey shades of potential goodness. Nicolle’s descriptions spark cinematic imaginings and riptides of deception threaten hundreds of years of mermaid ideals. Callie may be just what this centuries-old society needs to dropkick these ocean nymphs into the 21st century.

*Note – A few things I wasn’t thrilled with but do not detract from the overall story: 1. Callie is a mature, grounded, and scholastically driven high school student yet, after she is turned into a mermaid she becomes a total pouter who lashes out and/or runs from difficult conversations… #MermaidHormones? 2. Nonchalant over her mother finding out she is missing… Callie: I wonder if mom’s ok…Ohhh, look at all the shiny, underwater sparklies. 3. Saturnus banished her father for having relations with a human… Callie: Bummer. How can I help you protect my new peeps? It should also be noted that having read the ending, I believe that the next installment will take care of these small quibbles.

*Note – I want my tears to turn to diamonds. Being sad never seemed so lucrative…

That’s it for this one people! I have tons of things to do: embroider KN on my winter caps, social media trolling, umpteen more KN books to download –¬† thank you Little Tiny Baby Jesus – (Ricky Bobby quotes are so versatile😁), and kindly phrased notes to all my friends that they must start this series (or coal might be the soup du jour¬†served this holiday season).

Thank you for stopping in! If you would like to begin this incredible series and follow along as I traipse through Kristy Nicolle’s Fantasy Infiniverse with me, the Amazon link for The Kiss That Killed Me is below. I can’t wait to see what mermaid mischief is headed our way next! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!