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I will preface this review with a reminder that I did give Fever 5 stars (deserved!), and that Donna Grant has been and continues to be one of my favorite authors, but Keltan and Bernadette’s story held little appeal for me… It isn’t like I disliked it, only that I didn’t have that… an amour fouĀ so to speak. Good news – As all #DGFans know, Donna’s books are far from limited in their scope and K & B’s story is one of many!

Best thing about the Dark Kings series: 1. Con 2. Rhi
Best thing about Fever in particular: 1. Con 2. Rhi

A breakdown of Fever awesomeness: There are so many storylines simultaneously sending lightning bolts of drama exploding left, front, and center as well as the tornadic, suctioning Other pulls (do not follow the Other Light!), Death and Reaper peeks, Balladyn battles (speaking of… I think Rhi’s DK grace period should end… I mean Black Ba is RIGHT there), Con continues his questionable, but highly effective double-agent espionage… or has the Golden God finally gone too far…), the Bro-Sis, Justice-Truth, Semi-Druid, Smackdown Duo is warming up nicely (see note on Henry below… 🤔), and Kings, Kings everywhere! This isn’t Lost people – questions are getting answered and new speculations are formed every six pages or so… there is one mystery, however, that is completely glossed over. Is Donna Grant magical? I continue to be ravenous for Grant’s words even though I still DO NOT KNOW who Rhi’s King is… I lay odds that the author comes from a long line of Druids.

*Note -If there is anyone out there who can read a scene with Con in it and not sigh… Spoiler… You. Are. A. Robot.

*Note – Henry really got the short end of the Rhi-stick didn’t he? But wait… what’s this👀

*Note – I wonder if Donna Grant chose Con’s name randomly or whether it was purposefully prophetic because the King of Dragon Kings knows his way around the long game.

*Note – The Fever award for “Life That Sucks the Most” goes to…………. Xaneth!

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