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Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve have teamed up again and created the Titan’s Saga! Saga suggests more than two books (Amazon has the second book listed as book 2 of 2) and if you haven’t read Releasing The Gods yet then you won’t understand my shallow breathing, heart palpitations, or my overall malaise at the thought of this story ending after two books… No way… I mean, Cronus (aka The Baddest MFing Titan footloose and fancy-free) and Maisey (I can’t really say much here as it would spoil A LOT, suffice it to say, the girl needs a definite pay raise) are #LifeGoals.

It is with difficulty that I try to explain why Releasing The Gods, out of all the other fantasy-laden series out there, is worth your time. I’ll give the old Pros and Cons List a try:

1. There are Titans – Titans are more powerful than gods.
2. Titans are pulchritudinous – just my low-key way of saying they’re beautiful (someone bring me sunglasses and a drool napkin).
3. Maisey’s inner dialogue along with her escaped, hashtag laden verbiage will have you LOLing.
4. A Family Tree that requires a Ph.D. in Physics to unravel.
5. Cronus
6. A scene where Cronus loans Maisey his sweatshirt (has anyone heard the song Sweater by phem… yeah, he’s not getting that back).
7. Promiscuous ex-wives
8. Storyline – Titan’s Saga is not all fun and rock climbing… the authors are giving their readers a contemporary fantasy with gods, Titans, and humans that keeps you nail-biting, sighing, and scratching your head.
9. Super-Hot Grandpas
10. And for dog lovers… a bestie hellhound named… Hound.

Dang, the list doesn’t have that jazz hands feel I was hoping to spark… I guess this is where the rubber meets the road – you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that Stone and Eve have created a story that you will not rest until you know the ending, with characters heavily weighted with fascinating backstories (Each new character presented is so well formulated they could easily handle their own series – under the Titan’s Saga banner of course…), and just enough sad, heart-string pulling scenes to make you feel ALIVE! 🤗 (I am aware that this is a hugging emoji, but come on, it totally looks like jazz hands).

*Note – Okay, so I love a good hashtag and I believe Releasing The Gods has perhaps, the best of the best. Without further ado, the hashtag winner isssssss… #DickGold Loc 354. Thank you authors – I am now at peace.

Thank you for stopping by! Do not pass up this new saga!!! I’ve included the Amazon links for Releasing The Gods and the second and (perhaps) final book dropping April 30, 2020, Wrath of The Gods below – just touch it – you know you want to! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!