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There is something wholly transformative about witnessing (or reading…) the creation of a true and pure love. One that has been tempered in the fire of tribulation (and maybe a few wraith infestations). Grier and Linus have finally made it to the wedding in How to Kiss an Undead Bride and Necromancy fans rejoice! I thought Undead Bride was going to be a simple finale to the series, a gold-leaf flourish to a love story years in the making, a pièce de résistance, a final period behind Savannah’s new era, but I was mistaken. Edwards is ever the bringer of gifts and this book is exactly that. I was not whingeing about The End (because I know we’ll be seeing Grier again (somewhere. soon. I hope.). What did she do??? She wrote an entirely NEW mystery and unfolds each clue between dress fittings and wedding cake tastings –  and until the last chapter, it was all frosting sugar highs and Linus sighs until – BAM – I did not see that one coming! Loved. It. There isn’t a whole lot I can say guys – it isn’t every day that an author can leave me speechless but Hailey Edwards has given her fans a story that will not be forgotten, characters that feel like family, and a supernatural world that calls to all of us.

*Note – I’m not saying that this happened to me, but some readers may want to grab a tissue for the Cletus part of the wedding march… oh, and Woolly’s window writing… and maybe another tissue for Linus’s single, perfect tear… again, none of these scenes made me cry, but maybe other readers are more sensitive. My red eyes are definitely from allergies…😂

*Note – How do you know when an author is extra crunchy, peanut butter good… When they write, “It fit with what we knew about the vampire-with-unicorn regrets,” and you’re like… yeah… totally… Loc 2729

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