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Leopard’s Wrath: Mitya and Ania certainly could have had a smoother courtship but when a small country’s worth of killers are stalking their every move, romance takes a backseat (wait a minute… backseat isn’t a good analogy… lots-o-stuff happens in backseats in Leopard’s Wrath…). There is also a long-game playa in town and not ONE person – not even Fyodor – knows who is behind the security breach! Someone is trying to start a war, there is enough finger-pointing and hand waving to cause a mass case of carpal tunnel, and casualties are racking up – at least there are SWPoSA all over it (that’s shifters with plenty of sex appeal for you laymen – call me American Heritage… we’ll talk new acronyms…). Are they after Mitya (Russian daddy probs) orĀ  Ania (sticky-fingered gramps probs)?

I believe this is the first Leopard’s Novel that ended… but didn’t. Feehan has upped her mystery game and it’s an all-inclusive pass to a Who-Dunnit. I’m a little embarrassed to write this (because if anyone were to look back at my past Leopard reviews I probably wrote something similar) but Mitya and Ania’s story is one of my favorites (Fyodor is still #1). Long story short: Feehan is awesome. Buy this book. Read it immediately. Sigh when it’s over. Pat yourself on the back for choosing a killer, shifter series to enjoy.

*Note – Bartolo Anwar’s daughter, Giacinta, is mentioned a few times – possible mate – maybe?… for Sevastyan?…

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