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A ewe dunnit mystery indeed! Even with Patience Griffin deep-sea diving into murder mystery mayhem, fans will smile, sigh, and laugh out loud as each page is turned in Kilt in Scotland! As mysteries go, Griffin has written one heck of a winner, winner chicken dinner🐔 Readers can expect to accuse the wrong character, pocket ambiguous clues, wade through romantic distractions (I enjoy those), and never fear, fans still need to duck for cover when Deydie, the broom wielding boss enters the room!

Kilts and Quilts’ novels are invigorating to a person’s soul. The characters are real, you feel their happiness, understand their reservations, empathize with their difficult pasts affecting present decisions, you will blush when they do something embarrassing, and groan when they say the wrong thing, but most importantly, Patience Griffin has created a community and her readers get to share in the camaraderie. I am never disappointed in a K & Q book.

*Note to author: If you ever think to kill off Deydie it better be because you are writing a series that takes place in Heaven and you need the old quilter and her broom to shake up the angelic authorities😇

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