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I would like to wax poetically about Zam’s wondrous array of emotions and evaluate her nontraditional characteristics, but Zam is a straight forward, straight-shooting woman. She may be a shifter, she may be cursed, unlucky in relationships (not counting her bestie), forced to save the world, blah, blah, blah – still, Zam will kick you where it counts, cuss like a sailor, is loyal unto death, has no hidden agendas (or stinky Shrek layers), and is a first caliber horse whisperer… basically, she’s too legit to quit. As for Maks… he’s gorgeous… Not enough? Fine, Maks does have a sh#!l@*d of layers – I’m not judging! Anyone would with a gazillion, grumpy Jinn memories floating around the ‘ole cerebrum! Together – they are magic!

*Note – We aren’t running around the Lost set anymore peeps – our questions finally have answers! Emperor’s Throne leaves no desert pebble unturned. Yes, Yes, Yes!

*Note – Challenge – try to remain emotionless while reading the Desert Cursed series… Impossible. Why? Shannon Mayer knocks her readers left, right, front, and center. You’ll try not to make eye contact with the lava flow of heart-pounding, poignant, or LOL scenes – good luck with that – Mayer has trained her characters to whip our emotions into a frenzy and chain us to their story until they are assured our every synapse sparks at their whim… sounds kind of like bondage… (Is this where I mention the author’s initials?).

Am I crushed to see the tail end of Desert Cursed? No, I honestly am not. I adored each book, every hilarious conversation, stomach-lurching troll snot, fawn humpers, catching up on my Shakespeare, and near-death experiences. I will not forget Lila’s pure heart, or when Zam found her true love, the many sacrifices, I won’t forget Balder’s courage, the sound of sand shifting and lion’s roaring, Jinn magic, or Merlin’s meddling. So, I will remember, but I am totally satisfied with the end.

Annnnnnnd, just like that – another #MayerScape bids fans adieu… Never fear, you know this author won’t leave readers in a lurch! There is obviously way, way too many voices ideas running through her head!!! Mayer twists, turns, and bucks a rainbow assortment of creative genius (kind of like a world-champion PBR bull – if Shannon dislikes clowns then you know this analogy works…). Since all 6 books are now out and about, I will put Amazon links for the series below. As always, if you want to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!