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The sad truth was that she’d been bypassed even as they had been together, face-to-face, skin-to-skin. Invisible, though he saw her. Ether, even as he touched her body. Therese

Let me make this review short and sweet. Where Winter Finds You is J. R. Ward’s newest Black Dagger Brotherhood release focusing on the Shadow, Trez. It is a life after death tale, inundated by thoughts of watery graves and rage, with a smidge of angelic intervention (name rhymes with Kassiter…😜). Of course, there are the Ward norms – dark humor, smoldering sensuality, brotherly love, and mate obsessions – annnnnd something new, less(er) Omega war and more, well, BDB with a splash of Hallmark holiday fairy dust. Not. Joking. Hey! It is a Christmas miracle story so to speak annnnnnd it released during the holiday season of sharing and caring… Fans know that the author is quite capable of dark and gritty comedy but this level of heart meltiness is an unexpected delight.

Where Winter Finds You is all about Trez and Therese, and in a deeper way, Selena too. I would not change the beginning, the middle, or the end. J. R. Ward must know her fans better than we know ourselves. There is no bah humbug to be found! ❄🎅❄🎄❄🤶

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