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Life just got sweeter – the Wallflowers and the Ravenels are in the house – the same house!! Yesssssss!

When these Victorian Era Titans meet… the World shakes! I’m not saying the Earth’s crust opens to sheets of spewing lava, but certain lives are irrevocably singed. Phoebe: widower, mother of two, the daughter of Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, and of Wallflower descent meets West: childhood bully of Phoebe’s now-deceased husband, past leader of the Debauchery Club, the brother of Deven Revenel, Lord Trenear, land manager, and part-time sheep washer and accountant. On paper this doesn’t mathematically add up to a match made in Heaven, however, sometimes one must listen to their heart. Kleypas gave herself quite the challenge with this pairing and the results are well worth traveling the mud-filled, potholey road.

I have read other reviews for this Ravenel installment and was surprised to find words like generic, no plot, etc. I’m sorry… was Kleypas representing this novel as a Romantic Thriller Murder Mystery Fantasy? Devil’s Daughter is a straight-up Historical with characters that we all know and love, where we meet new characters that we learn to love, where real life and self-doubt aren’t relegated to journal entries, but played out on black and white inked pages. Sometimes my fellow readers, the simplicity and absolute complexity of life are simply… just enough.💙

*Note – A lesson takeaway from Devil’s Daughter – shaving a man’s beard (similar to sheep shearing) can be a form of foreplay. I see. Really. Is there an Agronomist’s Guide to Kama Sutra floating around the universe somewhere? Does Lisa Kleypas own the only copy? Taking names and learning new things!!!

*Note – Quick guide to how the Olympic meet and greet came about: Phoebe’s brother Gabriel is getting married to West’s cousin Lady Pandora Ravenel… Voila!

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