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The Rise of Magicks is the third and I believe final book in Nora Roberts’ Chronicles of The One series. Defeating the Doom spreading evil is Fallon Swift’s responsibility – before she was even born – but it will take three. Everything of importance in this new world comes in threes, which is why Fallon alone cannot prevail. It will take the combined efforts of Duncan, his twin Tonia, and Fallon. Knowing that your birth and life are blanketed by Fate, that your wishes and dreams are not yours to make, when every decision is either hard or harder, finding love and being okay that Fate allowed for no other – this is not the life the three would have chosen, but it is, and holy Uncanny, they fight with everything in them. This series grabs you and keeps grabbing you until patterns of three are seen in shadows, on your eyelids when laying down to sleep, and triune whispers brush your ears. Chronicles of The One is pure Magick.

Lana breathed in, breathed out. Like giving birth, she thought. Letting a child find her way in the world wasn’t all that different, really, from bringing them into the world. Pg. 451

Truth. Having children, teaching them right from wrong, watching them make mistakes, letting them fall because you know they’ll be stronger if they get back up on their own, seeing them fly the nest – the silence of a once boisterous home – desperate pride in their accomplishments, wondering, hoping they’ll always know how very loved they are – letting go is hard, life can be damned hard, parenting might be the hardest and most rewarding of experiences (I am very thankful Lana and not me gave birth to The One). Nora Roberts, in the midst of a post-Doom-apocalyptic world, never forgets the importance of relationships. She has built a far-reaching web of binding, human ties that leaves readers and aspiring writers whimpering in awe.

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