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Time, time, time. The Evermore Chronicles is a series devoted to time; the crushing loss of loved ones for whom time is now silent, Father Time’s seven world machinations, for some, time is immortal, time uncovers false friends, reveals truth, allows years to plot revenge or to seek solace, and, of course, time is an ever-present, tick-tocking of a clock heart.

Everafter Song is the third and final Evermore title by the time master herself, Emily R. King (If you haven’t read the first two books, Before the Broken Star and Into the Hourglass, I have reviewed them both on my website). I hope readers are not expecting Everley and Jamison to be doing a lot of handholding, long walks on the beach, or romantic moonlit dinners… don’t be disappointed! Everafter Song is all world-jumping action and adventure – the Time Bearer hath no downtime…

Everley, Jamison, and their crew have followed the despicable elf prince, Killian Markham, through the worlds, each has sacrificed of themselves to end the long-lived time player, but none more so than the Time Bearer herself. All the highs and lows, disappointments and celebrations, fairy guides and daisy trails, swords of destiny and perilous giants – all of it – and in the end… No Way… Picture me shaking my fist toward the sky – (and this would only be satisfying if the author were lounging in the clouds) – so again, fist is belligerently raised… how could King have sooo thrown me off the conclusion scent??? Okay, I admit it… I LOVE it when authors are tricky!!! Suffice it to say… The utopian world of Best Sellers already has gold plated copies of The Evermore Chronicles on its shelves – lovely, lovely series ⏳

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