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Thank you, Tanya Anne Crosby, for the early Christmas present!! The author alluded to an Impostor surprise and behold Historical fans, The Art of Kissing Beneath the Mistletoe – it’s a holiday, jingle-bell adorned gift! The Prince & the Impostor is no longer a table for two – following a baker’s dozen of years, we get Ben and Lexie’s story! After Alexandra’s degenerate father attempted to ruin Claire and Ben, her best, childhood friends, fallout was inevitable. I’m sure fans are giddy to know that Crosby didn’t let the story end there.

“What strange creatures brothers are!” – Jane Austen

Is there anything quite so sad as when one finds themselves in the midst of friends and revelry and a feeling of absolute isolation tightens your throat? Crosby captures this solitariness with a clarity that had my eyes blinking rapidly in commiseration with Lexie’s plight. However, Lexie is not a wallflower! I truly love that her character has every reason to wallow in melancholy, but where many would allow themselves to slowly sink in a quagmire of lost dreams quicksand – not enjoying the slow suck of submergence, but not fighting it either – Lexie chooses to grab a friendship lifeline and be pulled back into life. Claire’s brother Ben paid a heavy price when his failed attempt to right the family’s fortune by gambling unsurprisingly flops. No worries – leave it to a sister to know the perfect manipulation (maybe I mean motivation…) to set her sibling toward finding his own happily-ever-after.💙

*Note – At book’s end I was smiling and felt a perfect glow of contentment. It is evident that Crosby wished to make our December a little brighter. If her intentions were to write her loyal fans a hug… mission accomplished. XOXO

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