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Nothing like a little Yuletide bingeing! I decided to review Linsey Hall’s 5-book Huntress miniseries and Holy FireSoul! Once Cass, Del, and Nix’s story begins, once your eyes are performing the line by line dance, once your brain receives the literary download – consider yourself a slave to Linsey Hall’s word prowess.

What do I believe Hall does best – relationships. Cass and her two besties Del and Nix are sisters by choice and closer than blood. There love and respect for one another intertwined with a shared past monster hunting them, demons circling, and the Order of the Magica hoping to imprison them delivers a doozy of a plotline. Who is the “Monster”? Why did he originally imprison them? How did they escape? Why does he chase them still? What happened to their memories? Their families? Are their BFFs Claire and Connor trustworthy with their secrets? Are dragon hoards really stuffed with gold and jewels? Are Cornish pasties delicious? Does Aidan have a six or eight pack? Are dragons real? Are Lefty and Righty good dagger names? Why are FireSouls hunted? Are Hellhounds cuddly? If someone tells you that they love you, do you have to respond in kind? Guess what – I know the answers to all of these questions! Join the In-the-Know Club – begin Ancient Magic in 3-2-1… NOW!

*Note – I thought I was happy with the FireSoul trio but that is only because I hadn’t met the Origin (peak of the Shifter food chain and all around BA), Aidan Merrick. Cass just thought she had life goals… The Origin (the OG of the Shifter world) is a powerful, wealthy Griffin man who happens to also be incredibly kind, thoughtful, and head over tail feathers for Cass – too good to be true – nope – it’s veraciously TRUE!!!

*Note – looks like my Christmas decorations will see the dawn of the New Year – who has time for dismantling the Season when Del’s Seeker miniseries awaits???

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