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…and after the battle with Valens, my identity was no longer hidden. Sooner or later, I would have daddy issues.”                 Alexis Chapter 1 Loc 172

Before I assume the Sin & Spirit gush position, can we all just take a moment to pray that Breene never, ever loses the ability to type or dictate her outrageously addictive stories? I mean, come on… genius is walking amongst us people!!! Eat a flipping apple pie and celebrate (and yes… unlike Food Network chefs, I like my desserts sweet and fattening AF, the way God intended).

Demigod Kieran has officially replaced his father and I must say he is rocking the San Fran domination out! Alexis still has a few fashionable issues, but she is getting serious with her magic studies. As suspected, Demigods play a mean, long game of chess, and even though Kieran’s the new Demi-on-the-Block, he’s got mad networking skills AND he has a certain frondeur BA for a girlfriend AND since they now share and share alike, DK is cutting to the front of the Who’s Your Daddy, star-studded (level 5 and over Only Please) line.

*Note – Something horrible happens to a beloved character in Sin & Spirit. I will not tell you who or how but know this… you will live in a state of shock & awe for an unspecified amount of time.

*Note – What is up with Red’s pink Vette?

*Note – Cat Spirit jumping is a thing… it really shouldn’t be a thing (I just gagged up a mucus-coated, magically fluffy hairball)…

So, I reread my past Demigod review… I added this note – *Note – For funsies, let’s discuss Daisy, and by close association, Zorn. Something is up with these two. I feel like Breene has been dropping reanimated ghost crumbs about… something… no finger raising epiphanies here but I do have a couple of theories (theory two is by far the strongest): 1. Something tragic befalls Bria and several years in the future, Zorn and Daisy become something more than mentor and student… 2. Zorn is Daisy’s father and her powers are latent. Well??? Am I on to something??? I am still wondering… what do you guys think? I mean, Daisy is straight up, out of this world, rockstar amazing – and yeah, yeah, I know humans are amazing all the time, yada, yada, yada, but don’t you think there is the slightest, tiniest, barely-there maybe that she might be something just a smidge extra???

Demigods of San Francisco recap: 5 Stars of Sin & Can’t Get Enough 💙

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