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It’s that death stalker cloaked in Irish mist time of year!!! A new Reaper novel by the Dark World Queen herself, Donna Grant! Dark Alpha’s Temptation is Kyra and Dubhan’s story. For anyone who hasn’t gotten the book yet, or who has the book but hasn’t had a chance to read it, I’ll put you out of your aimless wonderings… A lot of questions about the Others are answered and twice as many new questions are formed… So basically, Grant has done her due diligence by her fans… we are all now sitting silently and staring at nothing. I guess we are in Grant’s DarkLandia… She didn’t title the saga Giggle Time with Silly Flying Ponies now did she (btw, Bronies freak me out)???

In a world where might usually makes right, Kyra is definitely savvy but a warrior Fae she is not. No worries, she is perfectly wonderful as is – we all can’t be GI Janes… Both she and Reaper Dubhan have family histories that uncover a little more dirt on the Others AND the newly discovered OtherWannabes. Reaper 9 is a stage setter with an adorable love story thrown in for good measure – but know this – Death isn’t finished with her warrior garb just yet – not. by. a. long. shot.

*Note – Hardcore thumbs down book moments: No Rhi. No Kings. Yeah, yeah, I know! It’s a blasted Reaper novel – NOT – a Dark Kings installment! So what! I’m greedy like that.

*Note – There are so many perks to being a Fae (someone recheck my 23 & Me results!) but changing your eye and hair color every five seconds surely takes a Top 10 spot!

*Note – There are some deceased characters that forgot to pay the ferryman Charon a River Styx toll… hmmm…

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