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Hailey Edwards – Always 5 Stars

A list of things I thought about today while reading POA Pack of Lies:

  • I wish Hadley, Grier, and Lethe made a BFF Triad
  • Gwyllgi sound downright unattractive… but I’m strangely attracted anyway…
  • Morning breath is a hard no
  • Ambrose is an unapologetic killer but he really makes me laugh. Da#n his charisma!
  • Midas – proof that females (no matter the species or wraith inhabited) are drawn to males with issues (if they’re hot and have abs…). He’s a fictional character and I’M drawn to him!
  • I so do NOT want Hadley’s job
  • I wish Hadley’s hair was a smidge longer
  • I go to Walmart – a lot – seriously glad I do not have a gwyllgi sniffer
  • When I completely and irrevocably fell in love with Atlanta’s POA… Star Trek jammies…
  • If I were pocket-sized I would love to kick back and pocket snuggle Hailey Edwards – I mean, with her imagination what kind of S#*! comes out of her mouth when her fingers aren’t tapping away?!
  • Being able to speak to someone while stinking to high heaven and not be embarrassed – I worship thee oh gifted one…
  • I would totally decorate my Faraday penthouse in grey and blue, have a robot chef and house cleaner and use my new free time to ponder life’s big questions (like cream of wheat or oatmeal).
  • Midas tents 👀
  • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere
  • Hadley makes me cry-laugh (better pee before chapter 3)
  • Tisdale is one scary, scary woman (love her)
  • Fried chicken sounds amazing
  • As if roaches weren’t already on the World’s Most Disgusting Bug List – Edwards made them gross(er)
  • Is it too soon to ask for POA #3?
  • Is it too soon to send a handcrafted One Ring friends forever gift to Edwards (myyyyy precious)?

Edward’s second POA is nothing short of brilliant – the characters, the storyline, the friendships, and even the sneaky wraiths – all of it – finger-licking-good (whoops, still thinking about buckets of fried chicken). As the almost, new Potentate of Atlanta, Hailey is doing a bang-up job of filling some Linus sized shoes… this new gig may just work. If only that witchborn fae coven wasn’t still lurking about Atlanta…

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