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Of Metal and Magic is Fiction Vortex’s latest short fiction and series pilot compendium – or – a fantasy lover’s storyworld dreamscape. FV is a mecca for collaborative writers and a beacon to those who relish multiple stories woven with silken fantasy threads – each short and pilot leaves the reader wanting more – a gasp of denial when one thread ends – a sigh of pleasure when the next weave begins.

Each story is similar to watching a play – one scene ends, the curtain drops, the setting changes, then, the velvet drapes are lifted and the audience is transported. The strength of FV’s Crew is this – The characters change, the scenery changes, storylines swirl and dance, tingling the senses, a giddy rush of discovering… more. Regardless of the intertwining stories, the reader is never lost – I rarely read selections with such purpose – this is a journey, a feast, a voyage to a new world.

Of Metal and Magic is reminiscent of the Kingdoms in Game of Thrones. There are stories within stories, each setting has their own fantastical beasts to slay – Dragons, Unicorns, Kamani – greedy rulers, lush landscapes and harsh environments, and then there are the characters – low born or high, the brave and the weak, the courageous and the cowardly – with every new story the reader becomes invested in the World of Soria – where past and present meet between OMaM’s pages. Literary Enchantment.

*Note – There are so many characters to love (and despise) – the one that spoke to me most – Isy in Pariah’s Lament – her story is an emotional crusher, but it is also inspired, striking, and perhaps most important, powerful (and I want more…).

To understand the vision of Fiction Vortex I’ve included their web address – take a look and see what else they have coming our way.

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