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Five and a half books that kept my eyes teary and red… from laughing so dang hard! Trickery, Persuasion, Seduction, Strength, Neutral, and Pain. These titles evoke an assumption of business, a serious tone, dark, maybe a little dangerous, whispered heat – yeah… there are a few of those moments – but the COMEDY!!! It is a glorious thing! Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington are both serious writers, but they may have missed their onstage, slapstick comedy calling. 😊

Cast of Comical Characters: Willa, Emmy, Coen, Rome, Yael, Aros, and Siret. The two ladies are sisters of the heart and the five men are brothers. Willa is clumsy times infinity (hurting herself and anyone near her ungainly sphere), Emmy is her best friend who has lived with Willa and her crazy drunk/promiscuous mother since the death of her parents, Coen and Rome are twins (ginormous twins) with the final three boys being triplets (ginormous triplets) (someone give their mother a flipping trophy).

In a world where you are either a dweller, those that work tirelessly for little recognition, a sol, those with some magical talent where even the lower power level, semi-glowy plebs get dweller servers to clean up after them and who also have the chance of ascending to godhood, and the gods, those that harness the power of things like Trickery, Love, Pain, Power, Death, Persuasion, etc. (there are ten OGs). Oh, I almost forgot about the servers! Becoming one of these is a fate worse than death… literally – some “lucky” dwellers whose life didn’t suck enough, are turned into a shaved head, stripper outfit wearing server to the gods – basically, a robotized, non-thinking, parody of their former selves. The God Club is where it’s at. The current Certifiable Crazy Creator God is doing a LOT of questionable (a$$Holey) things – for starters, preventing the sols from joining the big-wigs and… where are all the god-kiddos? – he is a nasty piece-of-work.

Since I am reviewing an entire series there are a gazillion things I would like to throw in, but if you haven’t read any of the titles yet I Do Not want to spoil a single moment of discovery! Trust this… Curse of the Gods is absolutely brilliant, and I can’t wait to discover what else Eve and Washington have gifted the universe with. Thank you so much for stopping by! If you need any or all of the six books in this series the Amazon links are below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!