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It’s not like Byrne fans don’t already know the author’s obsessive compulsion to write characters with more layers than a French Opera Cake. Alexandra Lane, Francesca Cavendish, and Cecelia Teague, founders of the Red Rogues Society during their stay at boarding school, carry enough baggage and secret compartments to handily earn a comparison to the decadent confection.

How to Love a Duke in Ten Days is the first book in Byrne’s Devil You Know series, and features Lady Alexandra Lane and His Grace, Piers Gedrick Atherton, the Duke of Redmayne (also a character where mystery and shadows play). There are many authors who lead me down a storyline pathway, getting me from point A to point B in a rather enjoyable manner, but authors like KB make the trek just that much more… alluring, heartbreaking, inviting, playful, subtly seductive – the reader knows the genre, the era, the geography is vibrant – the perfectly situated garden bench, the sprawling mansions, dark alcoves, cramped train rides, quivering horse flesh, where stifled laughter and unshed tears are clearly heard and felt – some writers just do it a little better…KB

Alexandra had an excruciatingly horrible thing happen to her while attending the Swiss boarding school Chardonne. Something so egregious, that after ten years she still suffers. It is perhaps this very trauma that made her a perfect candidate to tame the Terror of Torcliff. This book will move you, thrill you, and the author’s penchant to find humor in shadows will certainly warm you.

Thank you for stopping by❤ If you would like to order How to Love a Duke in Ten Days the Amazon link is below as well as the preorder link for the second Devil You Know, All Scot and Bothered (No image is up yet but the link works), which releases September 29, 2020!