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Finally, and I mean this wholeheartedly, finally… the second Night Rebel installation is here!!! I realize genius takes more than a hot minute to produce and even though I am quite possibly the most **patient of fans while awaiting a new book, I literally almost died.

Ian and Veritas – Fantasy Fan’s go-to power couple – or they were before Ian had a memory wipe to save his undead life. Veritas finds herself in unchartered territory, she needs to learn to trust in others but most importantly, she needs to trust herself – both powerful sides. Her forget-me-not significant other has a tall (curvacious) order to fill as well. Discover missing matrimonial pieces, master new demon powers, and clear up any death bed confessions.

*Note – Veritas may or may not have an as yet undiscovered family member! You’re welcome!!!

There is one really big, golden thing to look forward to in Night Rebel’s third installment, Wicked All Night (no release date yet). Phanes 😮

**Note – When I said I had patience – I lied – I have zero restraint. Zero. I know patience is a virtue but there are a ton of others to choose from… I shower EVERY day – hello… Cleanliness! Also, not to brag, but the day Wicked Bite magically appeared in my Kindle library I smiled (lovingly) to my husband (because my smile is surely all he needs to eat for dinner) and slowly made my way to my office where I (artfully) placed my 8X10 ☠ poster on the door before (gently) shutting it… Kindness… Thoughtfulness… Lots of virtues up in here.

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