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Good thing Soleil was already wearing her adrenaline junkie, adventure panties when she met Ice… cause… you know how those Torpedo Ink boys like ‘adventure’. Christine Feehan’s newest Torpedo Ink book, Vendetta Road is Ice and Soleil’s story. Every one of the Russian students who managed to survive their ‘schooling’ is in need of some sort of happy ending (not that kind… well, maybe kinda that kind) and lonely heiress Soleil seems to fit the white-blond biker to a T.

By now Feehan fans know that there is seriously no topic too dark or taboo for this author to tackle. The horrific abuse the Torpedo Ink crew endured for years have left visible and deeply hidden scars on each of them. There are those who read this series and give negative reviews because it’s all just too much… it is too much – but this type of sick behavior is real and Feehan obviously believes in not only discussing the tenebrous but also in bringing its aftereffects to light. Ice is damaged. Really damaged and yet he is, at his core, a good man. Soleil has entered a whole new world, but I have a feeling that becoming familiar with her man’s dark and dangerous nature won’t be scaring this particular beauty away.

*Note – The plot in this 3rd Torpedo installment is not thick… the focus is definitely on healing trauma of all kinds and less, perhaps, on a glorious storyline, which is the only reason Vendetta Road is receiving a 4-star rating.

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