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The 8th Highland Brides book, Hunting for a Highlander, is here! Lynsay Sands gives us Geordie Buchanan and Lady Dwyn Innes’ story. Fans of the HB series have come to expect a love story with a lot of obstacles, boisterous family moments, embracing old friends and finding new ones, laugh out loud moments, sigh-worthy Scottish men, and women who rule – and that is exactly what this latest installment delivers. There is a twist to HfaH that I found fresh and endearingly lovely. Dwyn isn’t drop dead runway-ready (gasp, shock & awe)! That’s right! She’s a loving, loyal, level-headed, intelligent lass who doesn’t need additional aesthetic frills to make her obsession-worthy. Sands is breaking stereotypical molds one hero and heroine at a time.💙

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