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  • Fighting Destiny
  • Taunting Destiny
  • Escaping Destiny
  • Seducing Destiny
  • Unraveling Destiny
  • Embracing Destiny (Not yet released – TBA)

The Fae Chronicles is how the 18th-century author Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve surely meant La Belle et la BĂȘte (Beauty and the Beast) to be written (addendum: in the pursuit of absolute clarity, The Fae Chronicles may resemble BatB iffffff one also mashed-in a Hobbit adventure, Indiana Jones, a drive-thru the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s territory of Caldwell, New York, and then squeezed the entire fairy brew into Club Erotica).

Synthia and Ryder’s story is a jam-packed, heart emoji, love extravaganza… okay… it’s also a ruthless, calculated, migraine-inducing, heart-tearing, comedy of errors with familial backstabbing, interfering Gods, best friend ghosting, scary af fae, lengthy beast members (smirk face), and blood-sucking bartenders… so yes… Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

Syn was raised to be a Guild Enforcer – to go after Fae who broke Terra’s rules and keep the humans safe. Syn hates ALL Fae, and though her reasons are sound, she soon finds out that her life has been built on lies and predestined for a hundred-fold of headaches.

Amelia Hutchins gives her readers a wealth of characters to adore and obsess over. Syn and Ryder are literally just a drop in the Fae cast bucket. Readers beware, you may perish from laughter as the Fairy and Terra born MCs attempt to overcome cultural barriers! I absolutely loved this 5-Book amusement ride.💋

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