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Chasing Cassandra is Lady Cassandra and Tom Severin’s story. Cassandra gives readers all that is glorious about 19th-Century England seen through rose-scented Victorian Era glasses with a forthright Ravenel view. Tom Severin brings a quirky (not quite as quirky as David from Schitt’s Creek…), refreshing glimpse of the heavyweights behind the country’s Industrial Revolution – Chasing Cassandra meshes floral subtlety with steam engine mechanics while strolling hand in hand through the complicated labyrinth of wheeling and dealing. Kleypas entrances Ravenel fans! Her characters’ laughter, idiosyncracies, sighs, hang-ups, intricate relationship spiderwebbing, ton disgraces, and secrets are addictive. Basically, when one of the smartest businessmen in the world believes themselves above certain emotional attachments… they just hadn’t met their Ravenel match…💙

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