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I wanted more than this provincial life.


There’s a new leading lady in town and she’s totally, !@c#ing ancient – Jacinta has one, maybe two decent years left to shine like the tarnished star she is… I had to do finger calisthenics before I could type out her age… FORTY… I may regurgitate… Just Joking people! I only thought forty was old until I turned thirty, and then when I reached my forties I remind myself that I’m still younger than my mother…

What’s to love about Breene’s new Leveling Up series:

  • A Beauty and the Beast reference… sigh… best tale ever!
  • The leading lady is a geriatric bada$$ (okay, okay, she’s just 40)
  • Jessie could handily pull off improv after wine tastings… easily…
  • Mature (slightly drunk) single women can tap the brakes when staring at a man buffet of hotness – ahhhh, growing up… maybe not as much fun at the moment but a whole heck of a lot less embarrassing the morning after
  • Man midlifers should take a page from Austin’s notebook of how to be Even Manlier with age
  • Confirmed: Parenting… one of the hardest and least appreciated jobs
  • When a books’ cast of MCs are a month or two from walkers but you realize that witty retorts and day drinking are wasted on the young… Hallelujah!!!
  • Houses can and will be used against you
  • Gargoyle begonias – 🤢 (Dad begonias will NOT be discussed)

Leveling Up is a brilliantly written, fresh new series that the world didn’t even know it needed! Two decisive fist pumps for magical midlifers!!!

*Note – Without ruining anything for those that are waiting for some unknown reason to read this book… If offered a fountain of youth I’d take it and run straight away to a mirror. Hey! I’m crushing the honesty thing in my midlife❤

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