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Admittedly, I have a LOT of “favorite” Lords of the Underworld characters. William, however, has always stolen the show, the scene, the woman, the plot twist, sexiest man alive award, has the biggest heart, a super hot dad, children of the Apocolypse, and he happens to have a freesia-load (don’t blame me for the alternate curse words) of secrets. Basically, The Darkest King is Gena Showalter’s 2020 gift of the year to her fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sunny – the last ingredient needed in the Kill William with a Curse Soup… deadly… but it tastes soooo Daisy good (again… alternate curses… not my doing). I did wonder if Showalter would do justice to the Underworld Extravaganza that is Big Willy – no need to worry folks – she nailed it (not in a Pinterest Fail kinda way either)!

William and Sunny both have dark pasts and dare I say, brighter futures… you will sigh, cry, and crow your joy as their paths collide, catch fire, throw tandem shade upon Lucifer, sparkle like rainbows, and wear Willy memed tshirts. As always with Showalter’s LotU, you will not want to put this newest release down (don’t pet the cover though… that’s creepy).

Reading a Showalter is such a drag… said NO. ONE. EVER. Order your copy below using the handy Amazon link. Also, if you would like to know when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!