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Cynthia St. Aubin is a new-to-me author so I didn’t have any preconceived notions as to what I was getting into with Once Upon a Werewolf – of course, the catchy cover vibes do throw out clues… art, werewolves, and redheads (Oh my). No worries, I snort-giggled ten times by page 20. Thoughts: OUaW is an NTR (need to read)!

I met the main characters, Hanna, Abernathy, Mrs. Kass, Detective Morrison, Kirkpatrick, and Steven (aka. everyone’s fave). I mentally moved a few “logical” plot pieces around, figured out how Once Upon a Werewolf would play out (who befriends whom, who’s in love with whom, who’s “casually” dating whom (with benefits), who’s bad, and who’s good)… then I finished the book… let’s just say St. Aubin is wickedly mysterious and enjoys the thrill of misdirection and leading her fans down treacherously, fantastical slopes. Had this been a Guess What the Author Will Do quiz – so failed. Yaaasss!!!

This series is NOTHING, absolutely nothing of what I expected and absolutely EVERYTHING I wanted. How to describe OUaW: Contemporary paranormal fantasy with sparkly flecks of Nancy Drew, Murder She Wrote, Ripper Street, and Penny Dreadful – topped with freshly squeezed comedic romance, super stinky road trips, ex-husband smackdowns, sufficient cat lady llama drama, and liberally laced with smoking hot, steamy (cover your eyes with generous peeking room) sexcapades.

*Note – Jameson whiskey reference on page 144… it’s the little things… my heart is embarrassingly full💚

*Note – Scooby-Doo reference on page 233 – Best cartoon ever (besides Smurfs)📺

*Note – Donuts… Donuts… Donuts… My God woman! Did you write this book just for me?! 🍩

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