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Another day, another Ghostwalker! Lethal Game is Amaryllis and Malichai Fortunes’ story (brother to Ezekiel Fortunes – Power Game Book 13).

Lethal Game ticks all the boxes for Ghostwalker fans! No matter which enhanced, soldier family Feehan sets her eyes upon, readers know to expect multiple enemies, stealth and shadows, predators and prey, men of honor and men who have none (Dr. Peter Whitney), dangerous females in distress (who save themselves), and always, always a fortress of family solidarity. With the well-knowns listed, let us focus on the surprises.😲 For the most part, Lethal Game takes place in a lovely bed-and-breakfast on San Diego’s coastline where Malichai is supposed to be soaking up some R & R rays and doing ocean-lap PT for injuries – here is where this novel takes a slight turn from the “norm”. Think quaint B&B – the owner is a lovely, young widow with an ill daughter, her best friend and hardest working employee is named after a flower (hmmm), her rooms are brimming with ghostwalkers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers (theoretically speaking…)… basically, the Mr. Boddy, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, and Mrs. Peacock of the Lantern International Peace Conference at San Diego’s Convention Center (not a lot of peace amongst the B&B’s overflow convention guests). Keep up, people! Lethal Game is a sexier, more deadly game of Clue!!!🧐 I love it!

*Note – Nonny, Nonny, Nonny. Why aren’t we related?

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