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The intensity of House of Earth and Blood will have your blood pounding and your heart thumping wildly while uneven breaths score molten tracks down your throat. Maas continues to prove that she is extraordinary at building worlds filled with characters whose intensity rivals that of Helios. Crescent City’s otherwordly creatures, mist-laden streets, unlikely alliances, and elitist hypocrisy – where angels, demons, fae, and shifters war, where humans rebel, Oracles’ riddle, and truth may lie in the darkest realms of Hel all provide a backdrop to fantasy like readers have never witnessed.

In a world where mistakes can equal hundreds of years of slavery and torture, where weakness is culled and strength is stolen… there is a woman, a halfbreed fae full of bravery and courage, a woman who is loyal and loves wholeheartedly, who fights even though oblivion beckons, fights even when darkness shrouds the world… that is power… that is Bryce Quinlan.

J. R. R. Tolkien changed history with The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, C. S. Lewis wowed us with Narnia, George R. R. Martin breathed fantastical fires in Game of Thrones, and Sarah J. Maas in her latest high fantasy, House of Earth and Blood will Change. Your. Life. I should think there is no higher praise to traipse amongst these giants. I am humbled to live in the Era of Maas.

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