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One dozen Mercy Thompson novels – my love for Patricia Briggs overfloweth❤🐺❤ There isn’t a Mercy fan in the world who hasn’t been counting down the months, days, and hours until Smoke Bitten’s release. Worth. The. Wait.

Prepare yourself… Adam has a HUGE (really huge) secret that he’s keeping from the pack AND from Mercy! He’s strangled the mating bond and s#!! just got REAL. Underhill is not staying under, friends are dropping like flies, ex-wives still suck, privacy is nonexistent, and fairytale horrors just want to play. Grab some vampire Scooby Snacks and hold on tight!

Reading a Briggs’ novel is always the same for me. I never want it to end. I would be satisfied with a Mercy/Adam 365 day total immersion. Negatives? None. The Mercy Thompson series will go down in history as one of THE BEST urban fantasy series of all time.💋

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