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Sinful Things certainly made a sharp left when I just KNEW a meandering right turn was headed my way. Dang Briggs… twisted much? If a reviewer can relate characters to Shrek’s attempt at onion layering self-awareness, then by all means… Shrek away! Olivia, Gabriel, Kassiel, Lucifer, Callan, Marcus, Bastien, Jonah, Uriel, Lilith, Tanwen, Araceli… I mean the list goes on and on… Dynamic characters with a whole lotta layers!

Relationships are funny things, be they platonic or Dr. Ruth advised. Readers see the words Reverse Harem Romance and sexual situations ping our grey matter. EB ‘s Seraphim series may be tagged under RHR but I assure you, this author knows how to map out one glorious storyline (and it certainly is not all Ts and As…). Sinful Things still finds Olivia searching for her brother but secrets are finally sneaking out of the woodwork. This series is guaranteed to take your mind off world crises (lack of toilet paper, favorite Chinese buffet closed…).

*Note – Fallen Kings – I beg you – be hiding under my pillow tonight.

*Note – Moral of the story: Sharing really is Caring👼

Love, love, love that you stopped in! I hope you are reading, or plan on starting this amazing series by EB! I’ve included Amazon links for Books 1 & 2 as well as the link to preorder Fallen Kings, the final (I think) book in the series due to release July 31, 2020! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!