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Finishing a BDB always puts me in a mood. There are a few hours of, NOW WHAT. Your brain refuses to disconnect from the Caldwell Brothers without a lot of distraction, e.g. loud music, strobing lights, pizza delivery, house fire… The Sinner, as BDB releases go, is chock full of Omega degenerates, black leather, mate musk, baby powder kills (Lessers are officially on the Nearing Extinction list), visits from the former Scribe Virgin (Analisse throws out some truth bombs), leotard wearing Fallen Angel mischief, a psycho demon becomes Caldwell’s newest persona non grata, Manny surprises, fast cars, and good whiskey.

What, you might be wondering is the BEST part about #18? Band of Bastard Bada$$ery! It’s all about Syn!!! Yes!!!

*Note – Synonyms for Release: free, liberate, deliver, emancipate, untie, loose, unhand, unloose, unbind, unchain, unleash, unfetter, unshackle, climax, emit, eject, discharge, expel, disgorge, spout… lots of ways to describe releasing, oh say… thoughts, someone, something… hmmm. One might wonder if I’m hinting at a The Sinner plot point… I’m certainly not going to ejaculate a spoiler willy-nilly!

*Note – I didn’t get emotional once… until Chapter Sixty-Six – Wrath!!! (Please say Wrath’s name in William Shatner’s voice from The Wrath of Khan – KHAAAAAAN!)

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