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I can’t remember why I decided to try out a new author when I’m already mooning over thousands, but I’m very pleased I did. The first book in Eva Chase’s Cursed Studies series, Academy of the Forgotten, just released earlier this month. In a very teeny, tiny nutshell, Trix (fashionably challenged and tipped with fiery, orange locks) will stop at nothing to find her missing foster brother Cade (who, if I’m not mistaken, she may have not so sisterly feelings for). Cade was accepted into the creepily, hallowed halls of Roseborne College and never seen again. Add to this a spontaneously choreographed amnesia infusion where no one remembers ANY of the collegiate hopefuls and AofF officially becomes a book you can’t (won’t) put down.

Did I mention that Cursed Studies may or may not have a love triangle?! Or is it a love quadrilateral?!! Love pentagon?!!! FTLoG, what am I reading?! No worries – loving it💯 When there are so many fantastical college series for readers to gobble up, Chase manages wiggle a number of unexpectedly fresh WTH’s into the storyline.

*Note – The reason I didn’t give this book 5 full hearts – Trix is a wonderfully complex character (most of the characters are though only the surface has been scratched on several). However, I did remain unsure if she was a zero f’s kind of gal or if she was all tough exterior, squishy middle, open book or Fort Knox locked, a strong sense of self or faking it until she’s making it. I prefer a take no prisoners kind of leading lady. Trix has many admirable qualities, loyalty, forgiveness, and BA lockpicker taking the top spots. I imagine the second installment in the series will wash away any or all doubts.

*Note – There is a certain professor at Roseborne (I’ll let you figure it out) that brings to mind cats, pink suits, and zero humor… Definitely a smidge of Prof. Dolores Umbridge haunting the obscure fellowship.

Thank you all for stopping by! If you would like to try out this new series the Amazon links for Academy of the Forgotten and the preorder link for book two, Academy of the Forsaken (releasing April 29, 2020) are below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!