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Maisey Chapter 15 Loc 2177

You know when you read say… a gazillion books a year and a new book comes out in a series and you are so looking forward to it but your memory isn’t what it used to be and you wonder if you just might have to flip through the previous book to remember what went down before you pick the new one up? Yeah, not necessary with The Titan’s Saga. Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone literally tattooed Maisey and Cronus’s story to my long term matter. I tore into Wrath of The Gods like a Rona hoarder in the Walmart TP aisle! Get the F@*% out of my way until I finish this Titan deliciousness (okay… it was on my Kindle Oasis and I gently opened my wine red leather case – no dramatic package opening – not super aggressive – mentally, I was growling).

Wrath of The Gods delivers – more Titans, oodles of gods, Maiseyisms, Cronus’ ex-wife, ex-lovers, and ex-friends (the Titan alpha doesn’t always play well with others…), Titan Swingers (you’ll see), DeadlySins–ĮUs, Drunk Insta streams, mom meetings, grammy hugs, Hound love, broken promises, and continued Emergency D1@)H#*D Zeus Alert broadcasts. The Titan’s Saga is a fast-paced collision course that will knock you on your a$$! Fantastic!

*Note – Hashtags will never be more meaningful than they are RIGHT HERE. Fans of this series understand, Eve and Stone literally must give zero, and I mean ZERO, F’s when it comes to their # game. #GirlCrush #NeverStop

*Note – I’m not sure if this is a compliment to the authors, but… they should consider copyrighting their ‘D’ descriptions. I mean… Authors Got Talent.

I love that you stopped in! I hope you adore this series as much as I do! If you still need to purchase any of the books I’ve included the Amazon links below. The third book (Yes! Yes! Yes!) Revenge of The Gods, comes out October 31, 2020! If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!