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Heather Kindt’s newest narrative, The Watcher, in her Adult Paranormal series The Weaver Trilogy releases April 21, 2020! Laney Holden is the Weaver and her penned OG colonial historical is still busy crossing the fact-fiction, past-present line. Laney believes setting her pen aside will prevent further fictional characters from crossing into the real world. Unfortunately, an oeuvre pause proves certain characters are more memorable than one would like and they are definitely NOT ready to fade into obscurity.

On a quest to be reunited with her critically acclaimed, written-to-order boyfriend, William, Laney and her friend (with benefits ?👀?👀?) Nick must travel to bygone Massachusetts. Laney masterfully created an antagonist with a whole lot of personal issues (drunkenness… kinda murdery… definitely ragey…) and he’s a little (a lot) salty over his character flaws…. (he’s still good looking at least… geesh). Baddie Jonas follows his creator cum hater back in time and Laney realizes that her forced second novel may not get the happy ending she hopes for.

Final thought – Heather Kindt is an outside the box thinker. Her storyline and characters follow no rules. The reader will wonder what is real – WHO is real – and that is this author’s gift. The Watcher is an engrossing, fast-paced, time-warping adventure!

*Note – Do you want to know what is better than reading the second book in an amazing new series? Getting a copy before it hits the stand!!! ARC’s are my chocolate💋

If you haven’t preordered your copy of The Watcher yet then DO IT NOW! Support the author and her publishing house by ordering direct using the following link or use the Amazon link below. I appreciate The Parliament House sending me an ARC❤