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First things first – There are 15 weeks, over 100 days until the third book in Royals of Arbon Academy releases – it’s going to be touch and go – Touch. And. Go. Authors Tate James and Jaymin Eve must have taken up rock climbing while writing Playboy Princes cause… CLIFFHANGER much?!

Readers beware – you only thought you knew Violence (aka Violet) – Princess Ballot was just a 1970s Jazzercise warmup to what her purple, spandexed behind throws down in this second novel. Vi is surrounded by royals but when you’re a Queen Bee the hive is your playground (…just ask Brandon 👀).

Mattie, Nolan, Jordan, Rafe, and Violet are still besties (pheromone sprinkles are complimentary but probably gratuitous…). Alex is still very much on Royal Time-Out (See Princess Ballot Ending), but what is his deal really??? Methinks there are secrets to unearth… hmmm… This second book answers as many questions as it inspires (bonus spice rack steamy scenes are free in this edition btw💋). Sidelining the boyfriend llama drama for the moment, the Royals of Arbon Academy series packs a seriously well-crafted storyline with characters that are just dang addictive!

*Note – We get to meet Mattie’s fiancé!!! Good Lord, the twisty surprises! James and Eve DO NOT skimp on the Arbon accoutrement.

So glad you stopped by! If you still need your copy of Playboy Princes the Amazon link is below. I’ve also included links for the first book in the series, Princess Ballot, and a preorder link for the third book, Poison Throne releasing August 1, 2020. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!