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End Game is The Foundling finale and, well, now it’s over… I’m not sad or bitter or anything.

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Maybe I’m a little sad… FINE… and a smidge bitter.

Who can blame me?! Luce’s coterie is my coterie! Me cadre su cadre! Now it’s fare-the-wells and fond memories. I’ll let my tantrum wind down and get to the actual review… I guess… Let me grab a tissue and dark glasses…

End Game is Luce’s last stand against the uber wanker Ezra with a side of world-saving – no pressure. Given what we already knew about Adam’s long game – Romeo and Juliet BS – this book promised to be a nail biter and it so is! Chock-full of turncoats, family reunions, tent s… stuff, scaly prodigy, allies, and those that NTDN (need to die now☠), frosty Conquest breakouts, and a fierce determination to right past wrongs – even if you don’t recall doing them. Reading the last few lines did make me sad in a sigh, I’ll miss you kinda way, but wholly satisfied for all that.

*Note – For this review, I’ve pretty much tried to avoid all book details because EVERYTHING is a bloody spoiler! Btw, Thom is my forever smile😊

Edwards fans have every right to mourn the final curtain of a series but we can also rejoice in the author’s creative virtuosity – her imagination and unparalleled character development deliver hectares of possibility.

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