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Living during an era of such monumental High Fantasy is beyond thrilling! Once Upon a Time, High Fantasy was relegated to hidden caves, myth and legend smoke curling amidst the breeze, dwarf mines, and white witches – today – my elusive chimera dreams of countless HF prospects has become reality. Author Jennifer Armentrout kills in her latest novel From Blood and Ash.

From Blood and Ash is where fallen Kingdoms are lost, gods are silent, every deliberate exhalation is a countdown to Ascension, dense fog that hides the cruelest of creatures, and masked friend and foe are both cruel and kind. The Maiden is bound to this kingdom’s core – her choices will illuminate or shroud, destroy or save. Death follows both paths.

Readers will be left breathless, on razor’s edge, windblown on a cliff’s precipice, bound, entranced, wanting more, more, more!

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