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Sin & Surrender culminates K. F. Breene’s Demigods of San Francisco series and… unsurprisingly, as there are three 6s going on… 6th book – the Six – 6 geese a-laying (okay, no geese), how about 6 new ways Daisy can deliver bodily harm😁👿Anyhoo – with triple sixes laying around Hell broke its own spirit box prongs and let loose a world of Chaos!

The Magical Summit has always consisted of fancy, ego-stroking grandstanding, but that was before Lexi and Crew took a turn around the VIP gardens – hold your white gloves and parasol – Demigod entertainment meets Game of Thrones (Lexi is the Mother of Cats…).

*Note – Looking over my past Demigods reviews, I’ve had to recognize I have absolutely NO precognition when it comes to this author. Breene, the Ever Unpredictable…

*Note – I know, I know, I just admitted I can’t outsmart KFB, but I so believe that Daisy will be getting her own series. If Captain Jean-Luc Picard were eating dinner with the author, he would definitely tell her to “Make it so”!

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