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Readers of the Bareknuckle series have known from the beginning… it always comes round to Ewan and Grace – the tetrad turned triad each thrived in their own way, but their stories remained unfinished, pieces of their childhood puzzle, skewed – Why did Ewan choose the dukedom over family… over love? Devil and Whit were devastated by their brother’s defection, Grace was destroyed.

If Grace is the Queen of Covent Garden, author Sarah MacLean is the Empress of Historical Romance. This final Bareknuckle installment, Daring and the Duke doubles down on the heartache, heartbreak, bedeviling cane tapping, rooftop jumping, raucous women in masks, and long-shanked, fiery headed Boudiccas!

*Note – An unusual occurrence happened after finishing Daring and the Duke – I realized that I truly loved all three books equally! No favorites! Devil, Whit, Grace, Ewan, Hattie, Felicity, Zeva, Veronique, street urchins, and even the crotchety butlers – fans of this series should get this… there is no jonesing for the scene to switch to a favorite character… all of them are attention grabbers!

MacLean does not let her readers down – the third Bareknuckle Bastard is Perfection! If you haven’t ordered Daring and the Duke, or even the first two books in the series, I’ve included all three Amazon links below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!