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Donna Grant is a master cryptologist. For ten years – TEN YEARS – I have been consumed with this author’s Dark World. I’ve read, reread, trolled blogs, book clubs, and forums where Grant’s Sword, Warrior, Kings, or Reaper series are picked apart, regurgitated, knitted, and painted (did I mention TEN years) – and still… there is, and has always been two burning questions that fans globally have done everything from begging the author for answers to wearing hair shirts as penance for a lack of patience (maybe that was just me…) – Who is Con’s mate, and Who is Rhi’s King… Flame is the setup to EVERYTHING that Inferno promises to DELIVER!

Grant is a Grandmaster of literary chess. The number of players on Flame’s board is awe-worthy. This is Cain’s story, but it’s also the final setup to what has been ten glorious years in the making. Grant reveals, riddles, shatters, and constructs. Epic❣

The countdown to FINALLY finding out EVERYTHING we’ve been DYING to know about the King of Dragon Kings drops August 25, 2020 – Inferno! If you are not caught up on your Dragon Kings – Hurry Up!!! If you need to order this title or preorder Inferno, the Amazon links are below. If you would like to receive an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now! Also, if you are new to this series, the author has an amazing link just dealing with her Dark World – the complete reading order is there!