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Violet thought she’d left her past behind when she accepted Arbon Academy’s Princess Ballot, but this orphan’s past could be the key to thwarting the bad resistances’ Royal take-down. As finales go, Poison Throne is a whirling dervish of hot and steamy bloody bedlam.

The second book in the series, Playboy Princes, leaves readers with a whole lot of WTH once the ballroom dust settles. Authors Jaymin Eve and Tate James place readers exactly where we left off in this final installment – on the roof watching Rafe’s kidnapping. Expect nonstop action, ghosts from the past, twinsie shenanigans, Alex…, sword fights, and most importantly, a lesson in Sharing is Caring!

I seriously love the Eve-James team! The Royals of Arbon Academy series is Dynamite!🧨

*Note – A series that proves size doesn’t matter (kind of… at least not all the time…)! Violence is willing and able to show anyone what a girl can get done in the ring and fans are all in!

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