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Embrace the Dark completes Elizabeth Briggs’ Her Elemental Dragons series, and rolls out a whole new cast! This final book is Sora’s story. Sora is Kira’s daughter (Slade is her biological father) and the newest Ascendant. Obviously, I’ve read the book so I KNOW who her chosen mates are, and I have to disclose this to my subscribers……………… Surely you didn’t believe I would throw down spoilers?! *Note – Plan on setting aside a full day to power read – Worth. It.

Briggs takes the taboo out of the Reverse Harem genre and brings her fans complex characters and storylines that keep readers edge-of-the-seat bound. Her Elemental Dragons series embraces Air, Fire, Earth, and Water while seizing all the Light and the Dark life offers. The intricate bridge this author forges between Fantasy and Reverse Harem is wickedly delightful! If you love this series then you will adore her RH Seraphim Academy series. Here is a link to the author’s website.

*Note – Never fear – Kira, Jasin, Auric, Slade, and Reven make appearances! **Note – Reven is spelled Revan four times in this book – don’t get angry… eat a loaded hot dog and keep on going (tested and approved by me).🌭🌭🌭

*Note – The Death Goddess’s chosen champion reminds me of Tommy from Peaky Blinders… lawless and smoking hot…

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