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What do you get when you mix an Eidolon (Linus💋) and a goddess-touched, churro-munching necromancer (Grier💙)? Read Hailey Edwards ninth installment in her series The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy, How to Rattle an Undead Couple, and find out!!!

I know I’m not the only Edwards’ fan that squeals when our greedy fingers get a hold of a new TBGTN! Not only does Grier and Linus have their hands full of mystery baby belly but the Grande Dame is missing, Lethe continues to steal Grier’s snacks, pregnancy hormones are Off The Chart legit, Woolly’s resident ghost boy has perfected pouting, Corbin’s hiding something HUGE (okay, everyone is hiding something), Neely and Cruz are still the couple-goal standard, and the newlyweds discover vampire doctors are d!@ks. Just another undead day in Georgia🍑

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***Note – In all seriousness… I would read absolutely ANYTHING this author puts out! Well, maybe not her grocery lists… I mean, those surely aren’t great… okay, I would, but I draw the line at Wal-Mart lists. I DO have standards (👀 okay… I would read that too damn it!).

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