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More tearjerker – less comedy. More desperation – less First Meal frolicking. The same camaraderie and brotherhood. The same heart-pounding, bloodletting aggression. J. R. Ward’s The Jackal is racing fuel running through your veins – fire and heat trapped in an underground labyrinth of evil. BDB fans will be thrilled with this newest cast of characters, but don’t panic, Wrath and Crew (plus Fritz of course) are still strutting their s.kickers and black daggers!

*Note – The Jackal, Mayhem, Kane, Lucan, and (especially) Apex are hardcore, absolutely, 💯Brotherhood material!

I hope you are as thrilled with this newest BDB offering! The Prison Camp series is just as #JRWARDSavage as the OG. The Amazon link is provided below, and if you are interested in receiving an email when I post new reviews, Subscribe Now!