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In the past and the present, there has been a lodestone in this series, and that weighty magnetism falls on Constantine. The King of Kings has remained an enigma, a force, a hurricane amongst gentle showers – he has been, and will always be, the cornerstone to Donna Grant’s Dark Kings. Inferno is the conclusion (for now…👀) to more than a decade of Dark World immersion, and this culmination borders on excessive in its depth and breadth of emotion – a minefield of shock & awe! Death flutters her Grim Reaper robes above a tableau years in the making. Rhi’s everpresent Light may be tinged with a Dark glow, but she continues to embrace Life… she continues to Hope. Plus, the Kings receive a game-changing revelation. The Warriors are back and let their horns and claws out to play. The Ancients are hailing Druids like they’ve only just discovered conference calling. The Isle of Skye is done playing. The Fae face an ultimatum… Seriously! The gang is all here and bursting at the book binding’s seams! Inferno is fire!🔥

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