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No one could ever accuse Jessica Archer of not being a loyal friend, but one may certainly consider that putting marriage off for EIGHT lonnnnng years in continued empathy going a smidge too far… After all, Jessica’s best friend Abigail Westcott (now Bennington), whom she forsook the marriage mart seasons for, has a family of her own now! Of course, it only took fate, or rather author Mary Balogh, to place the right man in front of Netherby’s overly conscientious sister to quicken a change of heart. The mysteriously tall, dark, and handsome businessman from America, Gabriel Thorne, is definitely what the Wescott matchmakers ordered… or… perhaps not…

*Note – There are times when I read the Westcott series that I wonder if I will ever get all the familial relations memorized, but as soon as I pick up a new Balogh offering it’s as though I never left this boisterous, ridiculously wonderful, family. There are very few things in life quite so satisfying as this Regency Era Romance!

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