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Zamira isn’t the Phoenix. She isn’t Rylee Adamson. She is Zam… and that is more than enough! Shannon Mayer knows women. She knows how to create extraordinary characters who regardless of their magical abilities and exceptional sidekicks, are relatable on a level rarely read. They move you, they make you smile, laugh, cry, they stoke your anger, and they love fiercely. Mayer’s Desert Cursed series is still a breathtaking ride that I never want to end!

Den of Thieves begins with a little R & R for the trusty trio, Maks, Zamira, and Lila. It’s all fun and obscure Shakespearian quotes… until, well, it isn’t. Come on, it is Shannon Mayer we’re reading, not Mother Teresa’s memoirs for crying out loud! I thought surely we’d already been introduced to the Who’s Who list of bigwigs, but no… There’s a new Ghoulish Goddess making desert heatwaves! And, well, let’s just say that Maks realllllllyyyyyy needs to avoid crazy, atmospheric women’s beds…

I’m sure if I asked Zamira if she was tired of saving the world she would probably turn into her small cat form and rip up my favorite leather chair for my idiotic question… However, I’m not tired of reading about her doing it… This series is obviously action-packed (nonstop action really), but it is also such an amazing tale of love and friendship, about believing in yourself and raining down your greatness upon the world!

Good News!!! Mayer has confirmed there are two more books in the series, Kingdom of Storms coming August 19, 2021, and the final installment, Realm of Demons, release date TBD.

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