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I’ve been side-eyeing Victoria Jayne’s The Prophecy Trilogy for awhile now. Whenever an author serves up vampires, shifters, and witches in an all-you-can-read fantasy buffet – Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews takes notice! But then… doubt sets in. Is it going to be enough? Will it be original? Is it worth my time and money? I took the chance, bought the series, and… barely slept until The Last Page!

Is the prophecy real or self-fulfilling? Should you believe the wily witches, the devious vampires, or the hotheaded shifters? If I had to select a subgenre for The Prophecy Trilogy it would definitely be filed under Cloak-and-Dagger Fantasy! 🧐

Everything started off – as expected – and then, the expected became What. In. The. Ever. Loving. H@!!. Is. This. Plot. Twist?! Jayne’s storyline is comfortably familiar with a heaping portion of entangled labyrinth. Readers may think they’ve Sherlocked the author’s ultimate finaleganza, but let me assure you, precogs aside, you will never discover the meaning of the bloody Rorschach prophetic inkblots until this author is ready to reveal them!

The Prophecy Trilogy will leave you satisfied, wanting more, and wishing you were Divina’s best friend, that Aric had a twin, and that Rori was your ride or die!

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