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It is with a heavy heart dear subscribers when I say this – that if you don’t read this series – and absolutely die over it – I’m not sure we can continue meeting like this… Just joking!!! Maybe… 😏 Brimstone Bound is the first book in Helen Harper’s newest Firebrand series and it is a Fantastical Odyssey!

Emma is a police detective-in-training, and her last rotation before graduation is soooo not what she’d been hoping for! The Supernatural Squad is where the underachieving naughty cops go to slowly waste away counting linoleum squares and flickering lightbulbs… Confusing since Emma Bellamy is no slouch in the intellect-cum-courageous department.

If you choose to begin this series (and I hope you do) please understand this – Helen Harper is a fantasy Mystical Murder She Wrote kind of writer. There are layers upon layers of riddley conundrums awaiting you. This first book absolutely blew me away with its maze of hidden layers and gloriously developed characters.

I love discovering an amazing new series – and trust me – Firebrand is Amazing!!! If you haven’t started this series yet and want (need) to order your copy, the Amazon link is below. Stay tuned – I’ll be reviewing the second book, Infernal Enchantment soon! Plus, the third book, Midnight Smoke, comes out November 5, 2020! Subscribe Now and get an email when I post new reviews!